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Hello, I am A. A. Wright. Please feel free to leave me feedback on any works I post. I enjoy writing, but I enjoy learning and improving even more. It's free real estate.

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Freedom Or The Crown

So far I am really enjoying this, though I have not finished, I think you provided a lot of material to work with throughout your chapters. I was a bit wary of reading another story that involved those in power, the struggle for the thrown, and the constant debate on freedom or responsibility. However, I believe you did a nice job tackling this type of storyline, and it certainly fits well in your writing style. I also think the dialogue within the story comes off more naturally than most people tend to take it when considering a fantasy thrown novel, and there is quite a lot of dialogue within this story. There are a few run-on sentences, grammar issues, and questionable ways some of the sentences are structured. The blurb also has a few grammar and typo mistakes. But, I do think you were able to expand on the universe and maintain a stable world as you continued writing. I look forward to reading more!

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