Air AM

You might find yourself wondering Who IS Air AM? Well as long as we're asking existential questions, I raise you this: 𝙒𝙝𝙮 is Air AM? ***********************

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Unique Take on A Lovable Trope

Following the classic nerdy and studious main character and their relationship with a less-than-nerdy counterpart, Golden Love provides more than meets the eye; Following the main character through her ambitions and convictions is always enjoyable, but even more so when that character offers a refreshing POC voice that is long underrepresented in the genre. Even more, the literary style of Golden Love stands strong against most examples within the genre, taking a more classical approach to a contemporary context.

Overall, with some tweaks to grammar and punctuation, Golden Love has great potential to provide the reader with a memorable take on a popular subgenre of romance.

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