Alexander Emile D'Aloia

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A Great Romp

I'm not normally a huge steam punk fan, and so occasionally found that a couple of aspects of this story stretched my suspension of disbelief, having said that, for 99% of the time it was such a fun romp I just didn't care. The protagonist is great, confident to the point of arrogance, enough to be fun, but not to the point of annoyance. We don't have a heap on the supporting cast yet, but whilst they're perhaps not 100% the most original, that doesn't matter, as they seem to complement the protagonist perfectly. Something not entirely original but very well done is always better than something highly original and highly average.

The writing style is really nice--evocative, but not so descriptive that the reader gets bogged down in detail. Also knows how to push an action scene along without skimping on the details. Overall, a cracking read. I'm really hoping there'll be future instalments.

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