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Subpar performance fire paramedic. Spouse to J Wayne. Parent. Mental illness plane on fire. Typically cynical. Dr. Pepper is my weakness. I talk to myself…a lot.

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I really thought this was a great flowing read. It was extremely easy to follow along but didn’t leave you feeling bored. I enjoyed how the dialogue switches from internal to external and how the main character portrays herself when she’s debating things internally verses how she responds and reacts to those around her. I think that the verbiage in the story is wonderful and makes you feel like you are able to physically see what is going on with the mental picture that it creates.

The descriptions for the characters and how you can see it was fantastic. It really helps to pull the storyline together cohesively and make you feel as if you are there. I also liked the song aspect of it because not only are you diving into an interesting read – but it’s a story within itself when you add the lyrics to it. I think the ending lines of chapter 7 were really good to end on before starting the next chapter.

The flashback scene I thought really set up more of the relationship backstory, that was a good addition. Totally unrelated, but chapter 9 I just saw Kelsea Ballerini in concert a couple days ago (fire). I like where the story is so far, I think that the last chapter up currently and the switch in relationships is really intriguing for what is to come.

Great read so far, I am excited to read more from you in general!

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