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Good thing these dragons aren't a drag!

I have one thing to say before I start.

I am disappointed.


Very disappointed.


I am disappointed with myself. Why did I chose to read it NOW instead of earlier? I can’t believe I was missing something so awesome to read. Life is totally unfair. Especially when that awesome read was about… you guessed it—DRAGONS.

Let’s admit it—who doesn’t get fascinated of dragons? Such beautiful, elegant creatures, roaring with might, soaring in the skies with the pulchritudinous figures they possess. These spectacular creatures had spellbound me since childhood. After all, dragons are amazing—read or watch of them—it doesn’t matter. Any kind of medium is very effective to tell their glory.

And that’s what this book, entitled Keepers of Equalidor is all about. Dragons with a very sophisticated civilization, living their lives like how humans do in the medieval eras (kings, queens, princesses, etc.). Yet before that—or more accurately—thousands of years after that, there is Brooke Hannah, a paleontologist (coincidentally, also the author’s name), along with her friend Alexis and others, who got tangled in a discovery of something that can change the world of paleontology, leading to their further finding of a mysterious place. I’m not going to spoil what that place is.

Starting with the story.

I can see (read) something original and not cliched. The story itself has a lot of things in which you can praise upon. It has wonderful settings, because of the other world thingy (well, you’ll know it when you read it yourself), a nice plot, for it makes you wanting to keep on reading. For me, I keep suppressing my eagerness of reading this because of many reasons: school, limited cell phone battery, the time, homework, student council president duties, and many more. However, that doesn’t stop me from fully reading this grand novel which has many experiences for me to offer, yet not yet complete. The story was very interesting. Very unforgettable. Very excellent. The story had everything I expected, and I will have expected in the future.

Then there goes the characters.

The characters did not fail to play their roles as intended by the author. They were efficient in the development of the story (especially Aaden and Alexis, who were some of my absolute favorites). The main characters were also noteworthy. You can get fantastic imageries of the characters, all because the author gives a plethora of visual clues on how you can see them in your head, which makes it very good and well… umm… fantasizing? Brooke and Alexis is a very good duo, makes me want to ship them. Too bad Alexis is already engaged. I’m going to cry for a moment. I merely jest. Then comes Draven, whom I could ship with Brooke. Then Draven already has a girlfriend. I’m going to cry for a moment. I merely jest. I should remember that this is not a romance novel. Insert smileys here.

Then there’s Marcus and Aaden who seems to be antagonistic at first, but then becomes friendly the next chapter. Such rapid round characters like them is unusual, but it doesn’t hurt the story at all. Then coming in were the DRAGONS. I’m not going to spoil it further, but I will say that I really loved them. Splendid and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Next up is the writing style.

If talking about style, there’s no worry about it—people have variations. And the author’s style for this book is amazing, but the punctuations are kind of… what’s the difference of:

“Let’s eat Grandpa,”
“Let’s eat, Grandpa,”

Punctuation matters, but because I know that this book was written during the spoils of the WW Program, this might be rushed, so I understand it. (There’s also one more reason, if I recall correctly,)

If you are curious about my enjoyment in my time reading this novel, then think no more. The answer is no-brainer. I really enjoyed its story, characters, and such. With the excellent combinations of genres, and with the plot implemented within. With the funny and serious scenes, and the magical experiences I have experienced, didn’t fail to enjoy me. Truly an ongoing masterpiece. Kudos to the author.

Now I ask—when’s the next chapter?! I WANT MORE!! WHEN?!

(Good thing I have read this novel before it became published in paperback. I’m so lucky.)

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