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Nicest Holiday Surprise!

Whoa! I've been wondering how would the Maurauders react to Harry's life and here we go! YOU ARE THE BEST! All the characters are consistent with their personalities shown in the book! I love how you compare Lily with Molly and it's definitely true for her being a mother! I wish Peter comes have a poke around after PoA though... That'll be... fun? Or even any time but after they find out he's the traitor! But then again that'll mess up the timeline... Are you going to maybe tell us a bit more about after the Battle of Hogwarts though? I'd be thrilled to have a peak in Harry life but I guess that should be another story? Anyways, please keep it up! I'm already impatient for the next chapters!!! (Spent two whole days reading the previous two books) Please please please keep updating till the very end! I really love your insights of the magical world! Thank you very much!

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