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Your dear author here, and shamelessly reviewing my own masterpiece... (LOL) This is a roller coaster love story about a girl and her super-hot-and-gorgeous-bad-ass-GRIM-REAPER-BOYFRIEND!

But, don’t judge the book by its title because this is NOT your typical rom-com and cliche Korean drama type of story. (This is not even based on any K-drama like at all)

This novel has a deep plot, with so many twists and turns (with left, right and U-turn) expect a LOT of bloody, gruesome, and, mind-blowing action scenes. Roar! (I’m a bit masochist, sorry)

This novel is originally written in Tagalog. (Published in wattpad and webnovel) I am juggling with translations kindly bear with Author as she is “one-woman-team”

***Female MC... strong and independent woman, but of course, with a few flaws here and there, because nobody is perfect, but only me... I mean, nobody nobody but you! LOL

Damsel in distress, it’s part of the character development and she’s a human so it’s reasonable why she’s sometimes weak. Right??? (At least at first...)

***Male MC... the typical bad boy with a possessive syndrome, he’s scary, evil and reaaaaaaaally sexy. However, give him a chance because you would surely love him as the story unfolds. Mehehehe

***He’s extremely good in bed... (drop mic)

***SPG chapters (a lot) wew~wew~wew~

***Clean Grammar but not flawless since I’m a Filipino and English is not my native language. (Please be good to me, I appreciate if you would highlight some errors hehehe)

***Be ready for one hell of a ride because this novel will surely play with your emotions! Hold on your seats, get the popcorn... don’t forget some tissues. :P

That’s all! I appreciate constructive criticism, thank you in advance for your reviews! :)


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