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The Best AU of Fairy Tail of NaLu Romance!!!!

If you love love Fairy Tail and are searching for a great fanfiction story starring Natsu and Lucy, the hunt is over! If you love romance, adventure, mystery, intrigue, high action packed drama and lots of humor, you will sitting on the edge of seat as you consume this hilarious and exciting fan fiction. Truly, this is of one the BEST fan story of Fairy Tail!!!

Written in a modern alternate universe setting, this story follows the adventures of lady-like Lucy Heartfillia as she meets childlike pyro: Natsu Dragneel who brings to his home Fairy Tail, she she meets unforgettable characters who become her family and trained in the art of ninja by none other the our favorite pyro! This exciting tale follows Lucy and Natsu's adventures as they battle dark guilds, deal with the wild antics of the Fairy Tail guild and friends, the secrets behind their past, as well as their reluctant ever growing romance for their each other, while others are secretly betting on their relationship. Of course, this does not exclude other Fairy Tail romances as well, such as Jerza, Gajevy, Gruvia, etc., as well bromances as well.

This story makes you wish this is more of how Fairy Tail should turn out. But I'll let you be the judge of that as you read it for yourself! ;-)

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