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An all nighter...

I can't even lie... I was up until two am reading this and when I woke up I didn't even wait but jumped straight back in to finish it! It is a great read! The story is compelling and well written and the characters are really realistic, which is always nice. I loved how the darker issues were dealt with, it was subtle and sensitive. The personal growth of the characters, particularly Jasmine, was well done, not over the top and unrealistic but also not to subtle to be noticed. I think that one of my favorite things about the whole book, was that the characters didn't quite fit any of the cliches that I have come to expect from books about teenagers. Those overused and unrealistic cliches are the main reason I stopped reading YA books. But the characterization in this one was so lovely and well handled.
There is a scene where Jasmine feels really connected with a group of musicians after sharing songs and music with them and then she has to leave and that sense of loosing the togetherness, the intimacy is put so beautifully, I have had that exact feeling before and to see it, written there so beautifully was amazing.
So thank you for sharing this story and I really hope that it goes out into the world and that people who might being going through a hard time read it and take hope and comfort form it.

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