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Erase Me

This is an entertaining story for young adults. The main characters are detailed enough to allow the reader to believe they could be real people. While the plot includes some unpleasantness, the story keeps things from going into R-rated territory. Underlying morality messages are there without being too pushy or preachy. If my daughters were still in middle or high school then I would have no problem purchasing this story in book form as a gift for them. The writing flows nicely.It has been a long time since I was a young adult, So I appreciated the fact that the teen angst moments did not drag on too long. Angst and teens go together, but I only like it in small doses. There is some lovely poetry woven into the plot. I was not seriously looking for spelling or grammar errors. In my casual read of the story I only noted one. And I could perhaps just be missing some subtle humor on that one. Should "reigns" perhaps be "reins" during Sam's long rant in the Last Chance to be a Child chapter?

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