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Moirai is the first in a hopefully continued fantasy adventure storyline.

Set in modern day London, the action takes place when we are literally thrust into the blank pages of a book. Inside, it is a world of magic and wonder where Alnya, a young girl in high school who fears magic, learns she has been brought to fulfill a prophecy. She must learn to use the magic she fears if she's to save the land from an evil sorceress.

The author seems to hail from the land of the world's most famous fantasy novelist and creator of the boy wizard named Harry. She also appears to be a fan of the fantasy genre and treats us to her take on magic and sorcery. Magic comes from the possessor's aura. The wielders of magic are called aeric's, and we are taken on a journey through Alnya's eyes as she learns her craft and takes on the evil sorceress.

The ending comes in the epic confrontation to which the journey has led us. There are two surprising twists that are unforeseen and enjoyable. One is more of a reveal of Alnya's, which this reviewer will allow the reader to discover on their own.

This is a solid first novel in an anticipated continuation of the Alnya saga. I believe a publisher and editor would help refine it into a fun read for a middle-grade audience.

Here's hoping we see more of Moirai...

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