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Everywhere, yet Nowhere

My anonymous status must be kept, for I am on the run from all of the evil in this world.

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Interesting Fantasy Story!

Note: This review was written with "Learning to Survive" being the most recent entry.

I very much enjoyed this book! Although I understand it is not complete, the plot is currently very interesting. The idea of a deformed dragon, both physically and mentally (different in his thoughts), is something not explored before, as dragons have always been shown in popular culture as the fearsome antagonists instead of pets for humans. Naydrus's hate for humans is in similar fashion to dystopian novels, where the characters around the protagonist accept their fate, but the protagonist herself is skeptical of the rotten framework built for centuries in her society. There's not a lot of character development except for Naydrus, but that's fine for this type of plot. I did not catch very many grammar errors.

There were a few things I thought you could work on. Especially with the first chapter, your pacing can get a little slow sometimes. Also remember that it is possible for something to have too much imagery. However, these things improve thought the novel, so they currently are not much of a problem anymore. Overall, great job on this story; I can tell you put a lot of work into it!

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