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Much better than expected

I came across this on Twitter. Usually, I'm a bit wary of Twitter recommendations, but a friend said I should give this one a go. I thought I would read the first chapter, decide it wasn't much good, and not bother with the rest. Before I knew it, two hours had gone by and I was reading chapter 8. Fantasy isn't really my thing, so the fact that this novel held my attention for that long is quite surprising and shows how good it actually is.
The main plot is an old idea, but a good retelling with some interesting new twists; the sub plots give some idea of how this particular world works. For me, the characters are the best part of the story, each one has their own personality, even the ones who only pop up for a sentence or two. I particularly liked the time goddess, and I think she might be a fun character to follow in her own book or short story.
All in all, this is a good fantasy tale, and although I wouldn't buy a copy for myself (as I've mentioned, fantasy isn't my thing) I would certainly buy copies for friends who do like this genre.

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