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Return of The Ancients

BOY!!! I sure love what Aer-Ki Jyr did with this series. IMHO he captured the essence of what stargate is all about. Thru out the Stargate stories Aer-Ki wrote Stevens and John Shepard some of the main characters in his stories are pursued by a corrupt I.O.A.. All the while Stevens is changing into an Ancient with a great deal of Pain (because of the Pain). They are dealing with more people leaving earth to join in the quest to regain all 36 Galaxies from the enemies of the Ancients.

Being a avid stargate fan I found Aer-Ki did a great job in this universe of stargate. I really believe that he should get them published. He followed the theme built up in both SG-1 and Atlantis!!! I really hope Aer-Ki continues to write the Stargate Fanfiction.

A overall great read, will hold your attention thruout the stories.

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