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Married with 3 cats and 5 fish. BA in History Minor in Sociology. Day job as an Insurance Adjuster. Love reading, drawing, gaming, My preferred genre is Fantasy, particularly Epic or High Fantasy.

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I read it in one sitting.

Yep, the whole thing. And I'll probably read it again. Straight drama is usually not my bag, but broken people totally are no matter what genre I find them in. Jasmine's social anxiety is almost a character within itself due to its portrayal. Nailed it. I actually tried really hard not to like Brion, at first, because I was "What's up with the teachers at this school?". Then, he had became a fleshed out character, and that was that.

It took me a bit to get grounded in the setting. There were a few passages which were unclear, and adding a dialogue tags to clarify the speakers would help a lot. There are some other technical issues but those are easy fixes.

The poetry was beautiful, and I enjoyed the role music played.

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