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The Color of Evil

The Color of Evil reminded me of Stephen King's "Under the Dome." It has the kind of plot that focuses a lot on youth, but also involves the adults in a small community (in this case, Cedar Falls, Iowa).

I really enjoyed empathized with Tad McGreevy as he shoulders the burden of his paranormal power to see auras around others that tell him who is naughty or nice. Additionally, he relives the crimes of the evil ones in nightmares. A truly thrilling, well-written, frightening story with great characters, and I'll be reading the second book (Red Is for Rage) and the third book (Khaki=Killer) to find out what happens.. Or, better yet, since I noticed that it was recorded by the author and is on ACX, I'll be listening to the adventures of all the characters in this exciting series as I drive my long commute to work.

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