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A decent story- Would recommend if edited.

This is the classic untouchable-girl-holds-out-for-the-perfect-boy story, that revolves around her desire for the alpha male. The extra twist, of course, being that her werewolf nature is desperate to mate and this complicates her very human desire for restraint. The concept fits within the author's chosen genre very well.

The basic flow of the story is decent as the writer evokes strong and entertaining imagery with her writing and the characters are reasonably well written and identifiable.

The mechanics of the writing leave something to be desired. The book needs to be proofread and scrubbed for spelling and grammatical errors, which detract from the flow of the story. This is never more noteworthy than when the author gets to the climactic scene (pun intended) and the paragraphs are riddled with errors. These are easily remedied, and I would hate to see a good romance novel ruined by some simple errors.

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