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Engaging and Intriguing

This excerpt is the kind that draws you in with its subtle allure. It is easy to read, has a good flow and is well written. But the character development is what I find the most compelling.

At first I'm ambiguous about these characters. Do I feel a connection? Do I care what happens to them?

But then the layers start to form. How far will Queen Nreid go for her son? What kind of person will the Princeling become? Someone we admire? Or someone we grow to hate? Will something blossom between him and the rash and volatile Driana despite the misunderstandings? Who is Driana and how did she become a ward of Queen Nreid? Will this be a coming of age for Princess Zelphinae? Will she grow a spine and become a woman to be reckoned with?

Engaging and intriguing, I am eager to find out how this plot unfolds.

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