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The Hardest Critic is Yourself

I'm writing a brief review of my novel, because I believe that the hardest person to please is yourself. Writers are so harsh on themselves, but sometimes its necessary to know what we're thinking as well.

Overall, I think this story is worth the 5 stars (which is hard for me to say, since I feel like I'm gloating.) But honestly, I really do think this story has potential and has room to grow into a large series - which is the dream. I also feel that the characters in "The Art of Falling" are diverse and well developed. There is a character for everyone to love - I truly believe that.

I also gave my plot 5 stars. It starts of as a simple love story, but it expands into a complicated and deep plot. the more you read. It's a romance and an adventure in addition to being a fantasy. As I write the sequel, the plot is growing. If I'm able to take this series as far as I want to take it, it will become an epic of sorts. Again, that is the dream.

I gave my writing style 4 stars, because I know my writing style isn't for everyone. I have dual protagonists, which means jumping around from one character's head to another's. In "The Art of Falling," it's between Keir and Regal. When I first started, it was Regal's story. Then I started writing and I discovered that Keir's perspective is just as important as Regal's, and thus the dual protagonist and split POV was adapted.

I also gave my technical writing skills 4 stars. My writing isn't perfect. After editing it six times, I still find a typo, a repeated word or phrase, and a stray period. However, I do have a strong grasp for writing and for proper grammar. I have four creative writing workshop classes under my belt from university classes alone. However, there is always room for me to improve.

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