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I'm currently finished reading the first chapter and so far it has my attention. I'll list out my concerns.

1. It's a murder mystery in the supernatural genre, which are two genre subsets that I enjoy reading, especially if they're done extremely well
2. The characters are relatively young, so that leaves lots of leg room for character development, I imagine

1. Spelling errors. I recommend you have a second pair of eyes check over the work and then double check it yourself, just to be certain that you have everything that you want to be fleshed out fully.
2. Character development. I'd like to know some more about the location, a few more personal things of interest about your main character. So far, I know that she's a girl, she goes to college, and she jogs early in the morning. I recommend that you describe her approach to the morning and further emphasize her alone time that early in the morning.
3. Secondary characters. I want to know more about the other people who she interacted with. The history teacher seems interesting and I feel that his character is going to develop as I read, but the main character's friends didn't show much character in their introduction. I'd like them to be fleshed out further as well.

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