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Excellent Book of Domestic Abuse!

Shattered Moon by Renata Lanzoni is one of the most heartbreaking stories I have ever read on the topic of domestic violence, and no one before has written about this topic better than Renata. I was transfixed by her story! In the beginning, her marriage to Ben is dead and before she suffers the worst abuse I've ever read from a younger boyfriend named Kiri, she is insistent to her friend Cindy, that she does not want to get into a relationship. She's looking for Kyle her 18-year old that left home and she has a daughter Lucy in college. On vacation on a tropical beach Kiri reluctantly meets a handsome younger man, a waiter, named Kiri. Almost from the beginning, he is accusatory. Unfortunately, the abuse is ongoing, it's deep and painful; yet, it's illuminating for the lessons we will learn by reading Shattered Moon. I loved this book! And, the idea that it is written with a great level of benevolence and giving towards other women who are abused is astounding. As a matter of fact, once one views the abuse that Maddy suffered at the hands of a man she truly loved from her heart, it won't be the kind of abuse any of us have seen before. From chips in her shoulder to a destroyed leg, imprisonment and more, Kiri abused Maddy incessantly, while she sought to find the good in all of the bad. I think it's a great tribute to women and men across America that after all she's gone through that Renata will be donating funds to a charity in the spirit of her character's abuse.
Shattered Moon does not hold back in highlighting how women over 40 can feel useless and underservant of love. When women are particularly nurturing figures towards men, it's easy for someone like abuser Kiri to take advantage of Maddy's kindness and understanding of his abandonment issues that he said began when he was a year old. He's troubled. But I love the way the author describes his oncoming sets of destruction and jealousy, I took them as red flags, signifiers that all women can learn from. The book is ever so captivating for this; and, it's very sad to watch the abuse grow within a romance that could have otherwise been quite captivating were it not for the abuses. This is a fantastic read. The book is very well written in that it describes the onset of Kiri's abuses in great depth, that begin with jealousy by Kiri. I cried when he rendered Maddy unconscious. Later, she woke up with her abuser Kiri ready to put her back together again, in a monstrous manner in time for more verbal and horrendous physical abuse. I commend this book to all readers. It's a page turner, indeed. The author is a hero to women who seeking subject matter on how to deal with such issues.

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