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Dr Irfan Aligi

Romance is the best of all essences of life, whether one experiences it by self or is being fascinated by reading a superb piece of a book on romance that binds one to find him/her in skies. The beats are ever higher without inflicting a tachycardia and the fragrance of blooming roses surround the reader. This can only happen when someone knowing the true meanings of romance, mesmerises the readers by causing the dialogue between two to run like a movie on screen.and J. C. Conway ‏@jcconwaywriter knows this art very well.
I did not read the full book but just the excerpts and the style of dialogue is quite heart-catching. What is meant in life is the passion of love for one, the beloved. I felt this deep in my soul.and wish if I could go through that book in full provided that it is available in my country - Pakistan.
My best wished for J. C. Conway for every success for spreading the love.
Dr Irfan Aligi. Karachi - Pakistan



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