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Evolved Citizens and the Rise of Foes is a very well-written, action-packed story about a human civilization that has gone through a scientific upgrade...super powers. Though the idea is not highly original, Scorpani3 has carved out a name for herself in the genre and deserves worthy praise of tackling head on a idea that has done before but crafting an interesting story out of the material. Right from the beginning you are sucked into story that has both complicated characters, riveting, on the edge of your seat action, and fun dialogue that takes a risk at blending manga/anime style dialogue with scientific, modern American structure. The story flows great. It's an easy read and no over the top descriptions. It's born for action and it delivers marvelously on that.

Evolved Citizens and the Rise of Foes does not reach it's full potential and it succeeds in this because at the end, it leaves you wanting more. It's an idea that is half-realized, but for the best. It's introduction to a world and story that has more depth., most likely more plot twists, and an evil that has yet to be fully contrived. All of this can be seen through how the writer understands that flow and structure is more important than showing us the full potential. It's a necessary evil, but I fully endorse a sequel and what ever more novels needs to be done in order to produce the full story in which this novel (maybe series) can muster.

Even though you can see that this novel is highly inspired by the works Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia, especially when it comes to characters, at the end these characters do become their own. Which again, makes for a sequel novel a must to see the unrealized potential of them. This seems to be a prologue of something much greater. With the writing style and structure already there, I would love to see the finished product.

I highly recommend this novel. And would have easily bought this if it was published in a store. The writer understands their target audience, but I believe this story will get much better once the writer dives deeper into their source material which will ultimately force them do create an entire new entity, one not bogged down by similarities between My Hero Academia. It's quite ironic and I'm astonished I'm saying this, but My Hero Academia does not do this story justice in the sense that readers of both manga/anime will undoubtedly see it's similarities. Because of this, My Hero Academia is not doing this story any sort of justice. If you are willing to look past that, I think you may see something amazing brewing on the service.


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