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"Erase Me" brings something different to YA

We've all heard that all the stories out that there that can be told, have been told. I'm sure it's true, but Lowe tells it differently.

For instance, her shy main character is not a stereotype, but three-dimensional. In fact, I wouldn't even just say she's shy--she is passionate about music, she is a natural good Samaritan, she has been abused, she has a best friend who she has ups and downs with, she doesn't like to stand out but is willing to make a stand. She is not back-down shy; she is courageous when it matters.

She's another sort of strong female, one different from the one your typical feminist tries to celebrate. Strong comes in many forms, Lowe reminds us.

Read this book if you're ready for something different in YA. It's time to repaint the world.

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