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Werewolves and the men and women who hunt them

This story does an excellent job of setting up a world, not unlike our own a few centuries ago, but with the difference that werewolves exist as a recognized problem and there are people, hunters, who deal with them. The hunters are very organized, at least the group based in Frankfurt. They are trained in the most efficient ways to kill werewolves, but they also have doctors who try to understand the condition and find a cure. It's a well-developed world, as long as you don't expect it to be an exact copy of past Germany, with added werewolves. For one thing there seems to be quite a lot more gender equality than one would expect, which I approve of. If a world can have werewolves it shouldn't be odd that it can have female hunters.
The characterization is interesting. You get a good feeling for most of the characters, for however long they are in the story. The only exception being Royer himself. For all his openness, he remained something of a mystery to me. This in combination with the open end, made me think that a sequel might be in the works.
The plot itself is relatively simple. Hector is a werewolf hunter and good at his job. Then one day he gets news about a werewolves who is not like the mindless beasts he's usually called in to dispose off. I won't spoil what happens in the story, but I will note that if you're hoping for a great big open war between werewolves and hunters, this is not your kind of story.

It's a story for when you want to take a stroll in another time and place and get to know and care about a handful of people, without having to deal with the world being at stake or everybody dying all the time. Not that there's not loss and trauma, but it's mostly in the flashbacks (some of it still hit home, though),.

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