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Incredibly intense!

I have to say, the prologue alone made my skin crawl!

Now that that's out of the way, there's a clear understanding of people's emotions, made colourfully complex in the relationship between Connor and Leyla, that Travis has grasped perfectly in his writing style. It's written in the third person but you can just feel, almost all the time, as though it's still through Connor's eyes, with his vantage point on the rest of the world around him. Even the mannerisms of the narrator seem more Connor-ish.

I rather enjoyed how the prologue was a glimpse into the future, compared to the first chapter. It gives you that feeling that this is what's coming up, and you don't necessarily like it, but you just have to keep reading to connect the dots!

I've only gone a few chapters in now, but I know I'm enticed enough that I'll be finishing this novel. Even from where I am, I can highly recommend it to anyone who likes something that's clever, edge-of-your-seat intense and compelling you back for more.

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