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‘Has Joe Strummer really been re-birthed in Ariadne’s temporary home in the Tipi Field? And then entered the mind and body of Keith in a port-a-loo? Keith just happens to be the singer with Clash tribute band, White Riot. Is Earnest the Real Messiah, with his cross? Is the apocalyptic Glastonbury Festival run by Farmer Beavis going to be the setting for the ‘second coming’? Will the David Ikes like character of Dan Sykes save Glasto and the world from the wicked invasion from alien Drakonis? Or, will it be saved by Soodha, the Brummie head honcho of the Hari Krishnas? Learn how to use slightly soggy Rizzla papers. Or, just chill out.. and read on.

In fact, I guess you’ll just have to read Neil Goodwin’s odd, mad and disjointed (spliffingly at times!) book. As well as being a bit bewildered by it at times. I quite like being bewilded!’

Alan Dearling, Gonzo Weekly

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