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Born: Dublin, March 1954 Education: Primary and secondary in London, 1959-69 Inchicore College of Further Education then onto NUIM for B.A degree Written six books not published still editing

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Soul Fraction

Hi Q D
Unfortunately, this story did not get off the ground for me. In the prologue errors sprang off the pages. Numerical narrative should always be used under 100; i.e. fifteen-years,twenty-two and twenty-five. The exceptions are weights; 10 kg etc. I also wonder about how someone such a protagonist as Akio can be a 'gentle killer'; did he slay his victims in their sleep with a hypodermic? Then there is that number again that has been imprinted in Japanese folklore; seven...why use it? The Seven Samurai is symbolic and continued in Western cinema as The Magnificent Seven. I realise the importance of prologue to draw a reader to the next chapters, I personally find it difficult to find the correct format. But with time one will succeed to get the result needed; I am sure that you will do it because the format of a good tale is there, you just have to read and edit and believe me, it is not an overnight conclusion. Get the head down because you have something here.

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