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Amazing. Deserves a big audience

This book's premise immediately drew me in. Reading it to the end, I was not disappointed. The protagonist is interesting and charismatic. The richly detailed setting, while it may seem at first like traditional fantasy, quickly proves to be something much more enigmatic.

It subverts the hero's journey in some interesting ways. It delves into the aftermath of the epic final battle which usually caps a fantasy epic. Telling most of the story in flashback form would usually rob it of some of the tension. You know the protagonist will live to tell the tale. The way it's done here, however, makes you really want to know how she did it, and what happened in the meantime.

A lot of it, the action scenes in particular, also has a distinct RPG feel.

Overall, a stellar fantasy story, with elements of a couple other genres. I look forward to book two.

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