J. Brooks

Los Angeles, CA

Writer. Director. Indie Filmmaker. Currently finishing a classy zombie western novel.

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A Shiny Firefly Story!

After your more than gracious review of my story, I couldn't help but fire back!

Of all my competition, your story is by far my favorite. Your clear love of the 'Verse and crisp understanding of the lore is evident throughout. Your portrayal of Wash's anguish at the loss of his crew made me feel stuff... I swear to you, I got very choked up. Honestly, there could've been tears. ;)

Plus, you successfully used the word "slunk" so you're my hero.

It's doubly exciting to learn that this is a part of a larger novel! You've sold at least one copy of that, right here.

Also, your bid for writerly camaraderie has won my undying loyalty. I voted for you. Like a fool. :) I want you in the top 3 with me, so if it comes to it, I'll rally my crew on your behalf as well.

Best of luck, my new friend! Don't be a stranger and keep flying!

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