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I write fanfictions and one day will write my own story. I hope you like them.

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The Golden Seal is Good!

I have only re-read seven chapters, but I am starting to remember the story, and remember it to be an amazing story for fans to love. I know I loved it. The writing could be better, but I know she is working on that with me, so I know that it will be better.

Other than that it is such an amazing story, and keeps you reading. I loved reading a few of the chapters for it's comedy parts. I love Kurtis stories, and usually am really nice about them, but this time I mean it, this is an amazing story.

Needs to learn and understand English a little more, but I think that I am teaching her a little bit, so she should be better soon. I am editing her stories, so I know that she herself hasn't made many errors in the story, so I would say that even grammar wise, she is really good at her work.

The Golden Seal is one of, if not the best Kurtis/Lara fan-fictions I have ever read. She has done an amazing job at keeping me reading, and I love the way she writes her stories. I couldn't write as good as that, but I am a good writer, just maybe not as good a storyteller as she is, as she always delivers the story well.

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