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Great hook, keeps you interested

I started reading this story, and even from the very beginning I was hooked. The style is pleasant and easy to follow. I have been patiently waiting for this to land on my doorstep, as I have read various parts and am very much looking forward to reading the entire book. The thing I've found really impressive is that I've been able to pick up each of the various excerpts and follow along with them, get hooked right into the tale, and have the need to know more when the excerpt ended. I'm a picky reader so that makes a huge fan out of me! There's nothing clunky about transitions, no abrupt changes from chapter to chapter. This is a beautiful work of art. And it truly brings to life a wonderful world and time that, while it doesn't exist, it becomes so real in your mind that you can believe you're there and living in that world while you read along with the words written on the page. It just literally transforms everything around you and makes you feel a part of that world for a short time. We'll done!

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