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Time has passed

To the Writer:
Years have passed, and do you really think you've not changed, J.T.? Sure you had this on the Creepypasta wiki, and sure it was just as popular there as it is here, much to your delight and horror, but did you think it'd only stay there? You must've been estatic once you found an excuse to take it down from there--afraid of someone stealing your work because the site's sudden licensing changed? Reeeaalllly now? After all you suffered through to transcribe it? Pathetic. When will you learn to accept what's happened to you? There's no going back. You're different now.

Now, to the fine lads and lasses, young and old, whose morbid curiosity has led you here:

Go ahead.

Enjoy yourselves.

Ignore what he wrote at the beginning. I promise nothing will happen to all of you.

Just some of you.


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