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Oh my!

From the get go, intrigue carries your flight the story. The mysteries of this house start just notable enough for you to read more entries which, in turn, contain further hooks that escalate more and more, until you're frantically reading, as if on a hunt.

I really enjoyed the diary entry style of delivery and the way the language in them conveys not only how confused the main character is and how strange his situation is, but also clearly conveys his mental state throughout the story. Because of this, and the fact that you're reading it in first person, it's very easy to feel empathetic towards him and put yourself in his place. All of this only drives your curiosity even further - it's really well done.

I can't spoil anything for those who may not have read it yet, but the ending was really satisfying - another reviewer mentioned that the story poses questions but doesn't answer them and I agree completely. That's a GREAT thing. Horror, just in general, has lost its mystery as of late and it's hard to find movies or stories (both long and short) that leave anything to your imagination, which is a real shame; I can't think of anything more terrifying to consume via media than something that forces you to re-enact and picture in your mind - in detail - something truly horrifying. Simply seeing something on screen or reading a paragraph of descriptive or explanatory text just doesn't match up.

Great story and I hope you win!

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