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Lyra's sweet laughter

The story was very entertaining and an enjoyable read. I agree with LiLi's review, with the exception of one point :
"The part about John "enjoying the taste of her [Lyra's] strawberry" was a little too obscene given the context of the story."

If you look to the entire passage and it's context, there is nothing "obscene" at all. The reference to "the taste of her strawberry" was a perfect simile - comparing the sweetness of Lyra's laugh. to the hidden sweetness inside of a strawberry....

"After only a little more traipsing, John found his spot. He set about setting up camp­-one tent at first, then a reluctant second. The camp-­setting process was tedious, something he often had Janus and Rena do. He even asked Lyra to help, who, in turn, laughed at him. He grew angry at the indignity, but it was a nice laugh that carried with it a hidden sweetness, the ripe inside of a strawberry.

And boy, did John enjoy the taste of her strawberry. “You have a nice laugh, you know, even if it is at my expense.”

Give it a read, you'll enjoy it.

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