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McKenzie, Al.

Born: 1954 Greenville, Al. Conecuh County resident for 59 years Butler Co. resident for 3 years. Retired, Lyric/story writer. five novels many folk/country songs. Three collections Love to write,

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Man from Rutabaga Creek

With the review "Keith" gave, I believe there are more in-depth reasons motivating his review. I don't write housewife porn; to satisfy "Keith" or anyone else. My stories are straight from imagination with no BS to clutter the aim. He apparently desires a story with boring and useless detail which is so aggravating to a reader having, at least, common imagination. I will tell "Keith; If you have nothing good to say try saying nothing at all. If "Keith" doesn't like the story, MAN FROM RUTABAGA CREEK, I suggest he avoids anything written by me in the future. Folks, there's one in every crowd! Sometimes there are two or three.

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