Johnny Toumieh

Ghazir, Mont-Liban, Lebanon

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A Major Mistake


I have been reading your story for a few days now (reached chaoter 21) and i'm really enjoying it for i see more of my favorite characters but your story is not without its flaws.
I would like to point out that i have found while reading some minor errors in typing or grammatically but what bugged me most was the following:

The fact that you said that the pictures shown to Sarah that made her lose her memory where special pictures made for that while according to the series they were pictures that were in the intersect which caused Sarah to flash a lot in order for her to lose her memories! They weren't special photos made to make her forget. That fact was rather wrong in what you wrote. (regardless about the thing of how only the past 5 years where forgotten not anything else, i found that genius).

Thanks for your hard work though :)
Keep it up!

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