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*ALERT FOR POSSIBLE SPOILERS* Where to start? I don't know how to sum up this review, this story was absolutely sensational. Brilliant. Flawless. I loved every single bit of this story, it is truly amazing. I read this story in fifteen hours, it is magnificent. I loved everything about it, the plot, the characters, the way it was structured also the view it was told from made it remarkable, like you were actually listening to a life story, as if you were right next to Lacey or you were her. It felt so real. I was engrossed the whole way through. I would love it if this became a book. The plot was remarkable, a person in a coma coming out and realizing they remember nothing from a certain period of time and a special someone helps them get it back. I loved the twists you created throughout the whole story. The characters: I loved how you introduced every single one and how every single one had a relationship with the protagonist in some way after the incident. I loved how you portrayed Lacey. How she was before, but then everything for two years-poof-just gone in an instant. Finn, the first time he entered the story, to the last line of the story, he only cared for Lacey, he is the sweetest person ever. They truly are the cutest couple, even though they are not real, I still love the couple. Zoey, as soon as you brought her into the story I loved her, she is so cute, a seven year old bubbly, ecstatic, cute, lovable, highly energetic girl. Her relationship with Lacey and her brother made her the cutest little girl ever. Lacey's friends, how they expected her to be at the start and how she tried to fit in her previous role as she was before was great. James, giving Lacey an older brother was brilliant, it really made the story perfect, he was the caring one just like Finn, so he had someone to relate to even though they didn't meet till a few chapters into the story, well after Lacey got back home. Derek, once she remembered all the events I immediately despised him. He really did get what he deserved from Finn. I have a strong dislike for Derek, but I guess everyone would after reading this story. I loved every chapter. I thought about the ninth chapter when will she get out? And then around the fifteenth, when will she walk? I'm glad all my questions were answered. I loved how two chapters where dedicated to her and Finn in the past, it really made the both of them special and how they should be in a story this brilliant. I loved the way you put two parts of this story in Finns POV, it was great to see his side of things and what his actions and feelings were like in those periods of time. The things in the past Lacey remembered the things that were perfect to both her and Finn were magical and I loved both the Romance and Mystery in this story, again absolutely flawless. To finish this review off: I think people should read this because I couldn't stop once I started, it really drags you in and puts you in the passenger/drivers seat of this story. I related to some of the characters in ways I didn't think I could. This story is so inspirational, in my mind, so many things that inspired me. Being inspired was definitely the best surprise. Also this story always keeps you second guessing, thinking you know something then saying "No wait, this is right", but it surprises you when you find out. All in all, This is by far the best story I have read, hands down, there is no doubt I will read it again, countless times. I really hope this turns into a book and gets published. Absolutely sensational, there are literally no words to sum it up. Any word that means great, or best/better would be an understatement to how good this story really is.

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