Kaitlyn Winters

Boston, MA/Moscow, Russia

#dentist #facialsurgeon #selfpublishing #JKWinters. I've a thing for CHRIS #pinevans #charactercomposer. Wattpad - TreasonGirl. 'Anybody can have fame but only few carve their names to the glory.

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I read this book back in 2014 on Wattpad. It was never finished there and pulled down. After all these years I finally got to finish it.

Anyways, yes itโ€™s cliche story. And as name suggest itโ€™s RomCom. But I enjoyed it. Reason being the way it is presented. Itโ€™s short but well narrated. There are not a single moment which felt like the story is simply dragging or itโ€™s just a fill up story. Itโ€™s fast paced and well planned.

I would highly recommend it.

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