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I enjoyed the revisited conflict between North and South Korea.
I find it frustrating that the fundamental breakdown of communication between these two countries of common ancestry could explode into such a ludicrous genocidal rage over such a small incident, an incident that results in behavior that represents nothing more than immature posturing and poor negotiation skills, but it is a real possibility given the harbored resentments of these two entities and that is what makes this story so good.

I'm curious to know what happened to the man who, in the first chapter, seeks asylum outside of North Korea as a possible conclusion to the story.

I enjoyed the first-person telling and the character of Hu-Su. (I think that is the correct name. I'm watching a Korean drama as I type and I may have confused the character names.) :)


I'm sorry for the two stars on technical writing. I saw errors in grammar and punctuation. Don't let that stop you from enjoying this stirring military thriller.

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