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Hi, I’m Kaylee! This is my first time sharing writing publicly. I’m nervous to have others possibly dislike my writing, but I would love to hear your opinions. I’m glad you found me. Hope you enjoy!

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Dom’s Absolution

I love the detail. The descriptions are so vivid, the images in my mind are even better than if I were watching a movie. I adore how it switches between points of view, and even adds in the details of different languages. Even though there are many characters, the descriptions and details make it quite simple to remember each character. The ✨spice✨ is just as amazing and descriptive as the rest of the plot, whereas other authors tend to leave out details or let the story not make sense during the ✨spicy✨ parts. The plot is amazing. I began this story on wattpad, looking for a mafia love story, but everything about this is absolutely enthralling. Finally, the writing, grammar, and everything structural about the story is perfect. With most “novice” writers, you experience run on sentences, bad grammar, or the story trailing off of the plot too often and unimportantly. I adore this story and cannot wait to finish Dom’s Absolution and read the rest of this author’s stories. And if the author can read this, you are amazing 🫶🏻

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