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Kira's background includes work at NASA, the US Air Force Reserve, and the US Senate,.

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Very good!

I enjoyed reading this very much. The main character is written in a very entertaining way but is consistent and complex. I did not find the story at all predictable or cliched, and the grammar and punctuation is excellent.
On a less positive note, I found the prologue confusing and not particularly necessary, but the main story was well paced and described well.
I did find it frustrating that the story was so clearly intended as the first story in a series, rather than as a stand-alone original work. It meant there are a lot of unanswered questions (and potential plot holes) that we don't understand at the end of the book.
The characters themselves appear well thought out, but it is hard to comment upon the universe they inhabit because so much has yet to be explained. It is also hard to understand the society that was described - in some ways it seems familiar but in others (child slavery, etc) very different. In the absence of a more comprehensive overview (which may be forthcoming in a future story), it's hard to know if it is genuinely incoherent with irritating anachronisms, or it's just our limited view that makes it confusing.
Those complaints aside, it is a fun read and I really enjoyed the irreverent style that the main character has as well as his continually addressing himself directly to the reader. Thank you for sharing this.

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