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Hi, my name is Kiara Jones I'm 23 years old I live in New York City with my dad and twin sister. I have two fur babies named Jax and Millie. And I'm a sucker for romance.❤❤

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First, I just want to start off by saying how much I love this novel. I found this novel by accident after I had just finished reading like two whole books in a week. I was on the hunt for something else to read and I actually found this story from someone who did a review on it! So I got to reading it and when I tell you I read it in two days lol!

I'm so in love with the characters especially Adrian lol. As a writer myself I find it hard to write male characters because they are just different when it comes to writing female characters. But the way Adrian's personality is constructed made me fall very much in love with him. I also love Robyn as well I actually love her name as not many people have that name. In a way I'm kind of like her in the sense that I am a huge bookworm and I could literally read for hours on end lol. I love how we see her transforming even with her struggle of having social anxiety we see her pushing herself and making friends and I like that it isn't too fast or to slow it's just right.

I love lilith as well! I actually met someone who is just like her, In my very first year in college and boy let me tell you it was alot to take in but honestly those are the types of people who allow you to really open up. I hope we get to learn more about her story!

As for some tips I would say there are none ! Lol I would like to know more about Adrian's father and what caused him to be this nasty person to his son. I'm also secretly hoping for love to blossom between Robyn and Adrian but I won't get too carried away. 😂

Please keep up the great work and I hope this review wasn't too long. I wanted to make sure I provided some great feedback for you to work with.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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