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Take chances. Make mistakes. Get writing. Kim is a video game enthusiast who wants to create a sense of wonder in the hearts of other fantastical imaginations. Read on!

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It's Who We Choose to Be After We Are Scarred That Matters

These are characters in the Dragon Age universe we are familiar with, in a story we have experienced in a different light, where the Hero of Ferelden is dragged into the mage Anders's plot to fight back against an oppressive tyranny. The dialogue in this story is powerful; this is a character-driven plot and there is a draw to see them interact and unfold in new ways, and especially focuses on an exchange of philosophies and life lessons. The story does feel like it is told in a very narrow scope, of which limits the conviction of it to a certain extent. However, paperclippe is definitely an author I would continue reading, if not to read one more scene about how compelling toast and eggs can be.

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