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I read the first few chapters of Alandra's Lessons. I admit my first reaction was to quietly groan as I am not really a Potter fan, but as I forged ahead I found the story had a different voice, and Alandra also immediately interested me more as a character then Potter. From what I read so far, this story must really be lumped into... dare I say it... the Potter genre? Modern Fantasy? But a category is only one way to define a book. The dialogue is crisp, and it draws you into the heroine's feelings and frustrations right away. The flow and pace of the writing is good, it is light on exposition and does not get bogged down in description. You stay present with the characters, who stay front and center. As a side note, I am drawn to well written, strong women as main characters. Alandra shows all the signs of being just that!

I will be reading more!


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