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I'm a 15 year old (hoplefully) writer to be- when you read so many books, at the end, it feels even better to write your own.

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Down to the bone

I didn't get to read too much of this, but I enjoyed what I did! I will be headed back to read more of it when I have the time. Its a nice start, with the intriguing battle, and definitely the character was nicely involved. However, it was a bit confusing- hard to follow in places, and it was jumpy. But I rooted for the character, and I also couldn't help but feel a little motivated by the battle. There's enough detail that I can be sucked in- but I wish there was more. As well as, I was poking at the details a little too much in my head. seeing as that was the only cover around, i can see why they headed to the warehouse- but who knows if the enemy wasn't in there? And the trees were a good place to run- if it was dense enough. The spray of bullets- well, you could at least shield yourself for a little while if you're smart enough. And thankfully the medic didn't die- or everyone had good knowledge of first aid.

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