Hello! I am working on a story of a man from a criminal background and his journey to possible redemption in this motorcycle club series. Romance/action. I’d love to hear what you think!

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Ahh! Where to begin! I am intrigued by this story and can't wait for more. I can tell there will be drama and some twists ahead because the heroine is not supposed to befriend or fraternize with the other characters in the royal house as being a 'lowly maid'. But she did and she does ('m sure). I am curious to see how it all plays out.

Being that there are only three chapters we haven't been able to dive into the characters a whole lot, I am rooting for some more depth in the heroine - right now she seems sweet, quirky, funny, and has a can-do attitude. We just met the hero in chapter three and I'm looking forward to get into his brain - he seems like a complex character - which is fantastic!

There are some punctuation and grammar mistakes, but those are easily fixable. Mostly commas missing after dialogue or periods missing here and there. A couple of run on sentences - no biggie! I am no grammar queen, myself. It's hard writing a book - lol.

My hat tips off to you, author for not only thinking of an interesting story, but also keeping your readers engaged by the little cliffhangers at the end of each chapter.

Keep up the wonderful work! Looking forward to reading more :) Please let me know when more chapters go up <3

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