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As promised, here is my review. I'm not a usual reader of teen romance, much less one so sweet and innocent (well you know what I write, hehe), but I have to say that this one caught me. It had something.

The characters' development is really nice, and I love that the MC has to fight against something so real as social anxiety because life is not always pink colors and butterflies, right? But above all, I love that Adrian is not the typical bad boy turning into the best guy ever as we usually see in teen or YA romance. He's sweet and kind from the beginning which breaks all the clichés of the genre.

LOVE your descriptions (I know I'm repeating myself with the verb but it'd the way I feel), those are really good, so much you can even feel and see what the characters are doing or going through. For me, this is one of the most important things, a writer that knows how to catch the readers' attention and makes them go through different emotions.

There are a few things you might want to check though. I don't really mind about long chapters, if they need to be long, let them be! However, the length of the paragraphs is a different thing. Readers sometimes are tired or they're simply lazy, and changing the structure a little bit might help to make them stay. Long paragraphs, short paragraphs, a lonely word creating one paragraph for itself... Mixing all this makes the appearance of the book more dynamic and believe it or not it helps.

Also, I've noticed the lack of dialogue in some chapters, remember to show and not tell. Dialogues are as important as descriptions, so much needed to understand the relationships between characters. It's important to find this balance.

Anyway, after all this babbling I wanted to say that even if I'm out of my comfort zone reading teen romance (think I said that before...) I really enjoyed this book. It's sweet and relatable, you easily connect with the characters and their problems because they could perfectly be real. The pace is good enough, not too fast neither too slow, and the sentences flow is nice. Definitely something worth reading.

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