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I love to write and hope you all enjoy my works. I try to update on a regular basis and thank you for your patience. All likes, comments, and reviews are welcome and appreciated. Enjoy ♥️

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I have no idea how I found this book, but I’m very much loving it. The plot of the book is very intriguing, it’s fresh and new. I think the wording and writing style could use some more work with less jumpy scenes where there is more time to connect with the characters and their back story. Some of the chapters leave me with a lot of questions and are confusing at times. The quick change in moods makes the story jerky one minute they’re fighting like children, the next they’re talking like adults and then they’re fucking like teens it doesn’t really give me a good sense of age range. Would also love to see more wolf aspects show up in this werewolf story. Overall I’m very intrigued by where this story will go, I think it has potential to be something great.

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