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in the body

you are in the body, fully, while writing this. I would expect nothing less from a woman who has worked so hard to find the body, live in it, and explore it's limits through movement, breath, strength, and so much more. I'm with you as you climb, through every obstacle. Remembering to breath, reminding the reader to take a breath, this is wonderful. The senses are used in a wonderful way, I could smell, feel, see, touch, and hear everything, putting me there. Excellent!

what challenged me was some of the unique language of your time period. I think if I had more intro into this world, I would better understand, but the mystery is good too. Most of your language made sense, I got the watch, guards, and buildings, but there were a few words used that were confusing. Looking forward to getting the full picture as I read on.

it's a pleasure to see your words, and experience a little of that amazing movement you use to traverse worlds most only dream of

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